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Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza


Mac Miller

жанры: hip-hop, rap, underground hip-hop, hip hop, underground rap
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hey kool aid and frozen pizza 
it's a work of art i ain't talkin mona lisa
dream of rockin crowds
see me fillin up arena
weed got me laughin like a [bad word] hyena

yeah i live a life pretty similar to yours
used to go to school hang with friends and play sports
every single summer takin trips to the shore
and that was all gravy but i knew i wanted more

ain't ever seen a young rapper like moi
can't believe they eyes swear its just a mirage
still got my training wheels in the garage 
but i ain't gonna need those imma go hard

so far i've done pretty well for myself
a couple trophies on my shelf so what else
could i want that i don't have yet
well a little more cash and my own fast jet

so i can go anywhere (anywhere) anywhere (anywhere)
cali for the kush cause boy i know there's plenty there
bout to be in music stores everywhere but not yet
the can't understand my concept

i been climbin up the great wall
haven't had a fall yet
these blogs gotta know i'm on next
clean conscience good samaritan
companies send me clothes so i'm wearin em

if you didn't know well i'm from the BURGH
everything i drop recorded by big jerm
i smoke herb and i make music
i don't even talk about it boy i just do it

everybody got they own opinion
the reasons why they feelin em
you must admit he's killin em
runnin off adrenaline

waitin for the game to wanna let him in so open up
the boy a barrel of a smokin gun
whether i'm old or young the chosen one
i got a hundred billion flows to come

i hope you know the lyrics to every single song
so when i'm at a show everyone can sing along
my weed bag empty bottle at it's last drop
i'm feelin like this could be my last shot

but many more songs to make cousin
so why the [bad word] you buggin?
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Это интересно: Mac Miller - молодой рэппер из города Питтсбург, Пенсильвания. Пишет тексты к собственным трекам, занимается продюсированием и регулярно появляется в качестве модели во многих лук-буках именитых streetwear брендов. Парень живет культурой и это чувствуется по энергетике в его треках. Оба релиза идут с приставкой mixtape, но это скорее street-альбомы, т.к. есть треки спродюсированные самим исполнителем... подробнее
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