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Diced pineapples ft wale & drake


Rick ross

жанры: hip-hop, rap, dirty south, southern rap, hip hop
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Diced pineapple
Tonight you will reach a height that the sky wont catch you
The highest form of my admiration, I ain’t no connoisseur but
I’m kinda sure you will admire my taste
And before the sun graze ya
I’m tryna see how deep you are and believe me shawty I ain’t talking about
no intimate conversation
I’m wanna see if I can make you reach things unattainable when I peek into your nature
And I promise you my goals will exceed any pyshical pleasure
I wanna give you whats better than better
The better my effort, the wetter her treasure
The more these mere moments seem like heavens or
Temporary forever’s
Shawty get it together
Diced Pineapple
May your love come down some of mine might have you
You design my imagination
And let me redefine foreplay so you need ?
Tell me shawty you got it baby
If it’s not it baby
Hope its progress baby
Let it all drip baby
Stop that shaking
No more talking baby
No more talking baby

[Rick Ross]
Shawty so fine, [bad word] so fresh
Diced pineapples, there my baby taste the best
I nearly lost my mind
Guess it was a test
Swept her off her feet and went and bought her [bad word] a Lex’
Paid it off cash, so I never wrote a check
Leave my cars at her crib, I’m just stuntin’ on her ex
 [bad word] s excellent and I know it sound a mess
I like to make her toes curl as I’m licking on her flesh
 [bad word] all night, couple shots of ciroc
Crib on the water, got Lebron up the block
Money ain’t a thing baby, welcome to the mark
Diced pineapples talking diamonds by the jar
 [bad word] so bad got me wishing I could sing her
You know form is ? when you on the team
Double-M them other niggas fell off
Baby girl I just wanna see you well off

Call me crazy, [bad word] at least you calling
Feels better when you let it out don’t it girl
Know it’s easy to get caught up in the moment
When you say it cause you mad and you take it all back
Then we [bad word] all night til things get right
Then we [bad word] all night til things get right

[Rick Ross]
Shawty so fine, [bad word] so fresh
Diced pineapples I just bought my girl a set
I know my lifestyle wild, I do it for the set
She know how to make me smile
And she do it with the 
Pop bottles, make love, thug passion
Red Bottoms Montclair, high fashion
Belt buckles, door handles gold plated
Balmain, rich denim, out Vegas
French Riviera, baby girl lets take a trip
I’ma trip, go to Cannes, France to catch a flick
Baby listen, this position is a blessing
And with your permission hopefully you’ll learn a lesson
I’m so fly that I shouldn’t even walk
She so fine she ain’t even gotta talk
Diced pineapples, talking diamonds by the jar
She never wrote a song but I know that she’s a star


Something about her probably cant live without her
Roll up some sour, let me kiss on a fountain
Mission accomplished, you increasing your heart rate
And I won’t ever rescue me the peak of your mountain
Eager to show you, thinking that I should know you
And you eager to work perfect, I can’t employ you
Designer [bad word] spoil you, rub you down with the oil
To get on a higher tree, gonna have to climb a sequoia
Hol’ up, showing off some Agent provocateur
Rushing you out your draws
Though patiently get you off
Hate when they get too anxious though
Hate when they be too ?
Like too get too deep
But I hate to get too deeply involved
How sweet is you
Let me see some proof
 [bad word] making [bad word] talk
I like to make it sing a tune
All we need it weed
We don’t need no room
Right now I’m trying
We don’t need a spoon

[Drake - Hook]
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Это интересно: Rick Ross, наст. имя Уильям Леонард Робертс Второй (англ. William Leonard Roberts II, 28 января 1976 Кэрол-Сити, Флорида) — американский хип-хоп исполнитель. Создатель звукозаписывающего лейбла Maybach Music Group, который с 2008 года входит в состав Def Jam Recordings.Когда Росс учился в старших классах средней школы Кэрол-Сити, он играл в американский футбол, а позднее учился на футбольную стипендию в Государственном... подробнее
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