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"Non Phixion"
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"Non Phixion"
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We Are the Future


Non Phixion

жанры: rap, hip-hop
альбомы: The Future Is Now
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 667 просмотров
We are - the motherfuckin' future ... future![Ill Bill]
Aiyyo we murderous, I be holdin' more heat than Thermoses,
You get your loot house takin' at the shoot out,
With secret servicemen, it's Ill Bill Non Phixion!
We pop biscuits at these pop musicians -
Claimin' hip-hop, you get your mop twisted!
Breakdance, break every bone in your body!
Bury you alive, and dance on your grave like Rock Steady!
A lotta rappers bein' pussy like Tom Petty!
I told you 'The Future Is Now', tell me if y'all ready!
Spoke to the Ghost of Christ, the poltergeist,
Design a prototype mind control device - overpriced to anybody!
Then sold it to Bill Gates for eight billion,
I bought the Empire State buildin', gave it to the children!
Hold the nine milli, toast really close to villain,
Smoked up with the fresh philly, stone blind, in the snow blizzard,
Legend has it that before war I worshipped Satan,
Drink human blood and have orgies amongst Masons,
Catchin' brain from the president's wife,
The Illuminati can suck my dick - so I could bust my shit,
Hits from the bong with Tom Brokaw,
Twist my dust up with Bible pages and smoke folklore,
Like a coke straw in a drug clinic, I'm inapropriate,
My people stay blooded out - like Soviets!
Blow off the rim with an exploda-motorola flip,
Leave you soakin' wet, like a hot tub, pussy, coke, and Moet![Sabac Red]
I spit the cold shit at chicks to make they nipples pop out!
Flip the coke shit for bricks when the single hops out!
Luxury whips, equipped for rap stars and drop-outs,
Ghetto celebrities, double D bitches are knockouts!
Never leave the hood cats, two dollar sandwich hood rats,
With a free soda, medicated twice we ogre!
Double dipped blunts, we Non Phixion, game over,
My man solo shit on cable got the game sober,
How I Became a Soldier: paperback's top seller,
My life story, how I went mail fraud to porn seller![Goretex]
Y'all know Gore, nice with the words since eighty-four!
Rifles galore - satellites attached to the floor!
Muchin' on veal parm' like human arm, up at your record label,
Real bomb, smackin' VP's with real charm!
I'm a nice cat 'till the Paxil runs out, and gats dumb out,
Ice picks, ecstacy rings get run out!
Sellin' rap tapes like cancer apples,
I buy a crib with a gate that deflates and shoots arrows,
Produce pharoahs, attack you with chrome,
Shatter your bones, the world's fucked,
Call Jackie Stalone, her wire's tapped as well as my own,
I lace the president with C4, under his bed,
Them feds never found the books, Freebase are hollow heads.[Ill Bill]
I'm on a five day fast, Flash Gordon blast award,
And cash hoardin', launder money for rainy day sessions,
Expose your weapons - lessons value life some game of Battle Ship,
Connect Four, Gat equipped t-t-t-tatta shit, adequate aim,
We came in and shattered the game, I'm at it to gain,
Imagine the pain, when I splatter your brain!
Conscious lyrics cancelled out demons, monsters, and spirits,
Martial theorists, freed your soul allowed amongst the clearest,
Visonaries, Sabac Red's a missionary,
My vision's varies, aligned with the minds of kings of theory,
Illustrated like Vaughn Bode, Cheech Wizard, explicit,
When I kick it, I only talk it 'cause I live it,
Brooklyn done did it, money fast life, my cash fight, blast mics,
I've been torn the fuck up since last night,
It's clear, everywhere is war! The streets guard me,
The Godly, singin' freedom songs like Bob Marley,
Watch me, on the trains yellin' street news, sellin' street blues,
Build with my peoples, Muslims and Hebrews!
Positive cats, I build with cats who wanna shoot ya,
No competition, Non Phixion, Welcome to the Future!We Are The Future (x4)
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Это интересно:в двух словах… NON-PHIXION это:Ill Bill - Родной брат Necro, с которым они до 90 года играли дэт-метал и потом перешли на хип-хоп… культовый лидер и лицо группы (NP раньше и La Coka Nostra сегодня)..Sabac Red - позитивнейший революционер-активист, полон идей и позитива. Работает в организации помощи детям.Goretex - 1 из талантливейших МС в жанре хоррора(он стал причиной развала группы летом 2007 года.)DJ... продолжение
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