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Louder than words


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So here we go again
You're opening your mouth before you think
Your insincerities are clinging to me like the stench of your last drink

Did I really hear you say you're sorry?
Hard for me to believe
I don't get how you're buying your own story
You're [bad word] broke emotionally

I'm watching
The volume's always the same

Actions speak louder than words do
I don't want to hear dead words from you
Actions speak louder than words do
I just want to see what you will do

So here it comes again
deafening parade of duplicity
Birds falling from the sky
The air is poisoned by the breath you waste on me

The thought of you has become so disappointing
Hard for you to believe?
You never seem to fail to change the stories
You so effortlessly breed

It's time to play again
Deception is your game
But why would you want to wear that shame?
It speaks louder than words
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