Got No Mind



жанры: alternative, folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter
альбомы: Beercan, Outtakes and Oddities
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 658 просмотров
Tonight the city is full of....radios

And all the distortion pedals are melted

Theres sonic youth posters nailed up onto the...ceiling

And the roof is falling down on my brain

Thats why

I got no mind

I got no mind

Got no mind

Somebody burned down the picnic

And somebody kissed their own ass by mistake

And the cliches are gettin eaten up

By the termites with the malt liquor

And the guitar tuners and the pussy galore song

Thats why

I play all night

I got no mind

Feel so fine

And the big radio sound is pumping up and down

Jumpin thru the hoops

Making every motion seem like forever

Theres air conditioning and brand new nails

And phone calls from people in chicago


Pay no mind

Got no mind

Stay outside

So turn up the levels

And talk to your devils

And bust out your tennis shoes and your mayonnaise

Its all the situations and all the celebrations

And all the contaminations that make you

Breed off the carpet

Thats why

I pay no mind

(cough) got no mind

Might need a cough drop

Well theres verses and sounds

Falling like pounds and pounds of

Sand weights from the heavens

And she dangles like a bottle

Talkin thru the steering wheels

And broken pantyhose

Thats why

I pay no mind

Sleep in slime

Put out cds

The amplifiers are amplifying

The things that you never knew

Could ever be the same as you

Theres wires and plugs

And slugs slithering out into the paint thinner

Thats why

I pay no mind

I pay no mind

Got no mind

Your swivel chairs and sunglasses

And your fully-blown out scenes of ecstasy

Turn up the volume and the treble

And call them all the nasty things that you can

Stick into your paper

With your pen

Shove your pen up into the air

Write everything and

Like you just dont care

But it feels good

When you pull off the scenery

And theres puppets and dollar bills

And theres weight-loss pills

And theres cherries and theres potato chips

And the time is runnin low

And theres nowhere else to go

So lets go down

666 up into

Im raising all my lows

And Im lowering all my disappointments
Это интересно:Beck (Бек Хэнсен англ. Beck Hansen, настоящее имя — Бек Дэвид Кэмпбелл англ. Bek David Campbell, 8 июля 1970) — американский музыкант-мультинструменталист, автор песен и певец. Творчество Бека является некоторым связующим звеном между фольклором, битниками и текущим моментом, выраженным стилем хип-хоп.Тем не менее, что-то отделяло Бека от большинства современных рок-формаций или экспериментов в авангарде,... продолжение
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